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why don’t yu yu hakusho fans all agree to call themselves Meshis, so that when u meet someone u think might be a fan u can ask ‘you’re a Meshi?’ because it is 4:40 am and i currently believe that was a well thought out pun

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miakoyuyu asked: What does your mother look like?

"I actually don’t remember what she looks like honestly. Though I’ve heard I look a lot like her so I dunno me in a dress probably."

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Anonymous asked: Magic anon again. *POOF* Here's piece of pumpkin pie with some whipped cream on top.

"You are going to make me fat anon! Goodness I’m so spoiled with treats"

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nightjasmine10 asked: What's your team for Pokemon X and Y so far?

This is my current party right now:

All high level 50’s to low level 60’s

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nightjasmine10 asked: What do you think of the Mega Evolutions?

"Okay yeah those are kinda neat"

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nightjasmine10 asked: Even though you're going to be going with Fennikin, which of the Kanto starters are you going to be going with?

"Oh gosh I’m torn between Bulbasaur to balance out Fennekin or get Charmander again… Decisions decisions. Gosh."